Brain Wash Game Shows are the #1 Game Show experiences in America that comes to your location or event!! This show is as close as you can get at being on a real television game show. Real contestant podiums with flashing lights, digital scoring, and a lightning fast “Lockout System” keeps the action going. Custom backdrops with animated lighting and big viewing screens makes any area into a TV game show studio. Brain Wash Game Shows aren’t a host reading questions from preprinted cards or a book, all the questions are seen by contestants and the audience to play along with.

The games are full of trivia, pictures, sound bites, puzzles, and music with all of the questions projected up onto screens for everyone to see and play along with. This allows everyone, including the audience, to be part of the game and allows for a huge assortment of visual questions as well as CORE CURRICULUM and audible questions to be presented. Contestants from kindergarten ages to adults, can compete in the games. We have taken the game show experience to the highest level and have become the largest game show provider of its kind in the country.

What you see in the pictures is what the show will look like at your event. All shows are hosted by Eric or Austin Dasher, comedic entertainers that has been performing since 1998. Once you see what the games are like, we think you will come to the same conclusion we did… They are perfect for your assembly. Don’t hesitate to book these shows with confidence. Our shows will exceed your expectations! Don’t miss out on bringing this exciting, interactive and highly educational shows to your school. Our games are suitable for audience sizes starting at 15 people and can go up to 1000+ and for ages 5 to 95!
...and Middle School students love this show!



College, Elementary School, High School, Kindergarten, Middle School


Connecticut CT, Delaware DE, Maryland MD, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Pennsylvania PA, Virginia VA

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