Inventions have shaped our world, and we benefit from them daily. Where did they come from? Who invented them? What's next? In this fun, funny and thought-provoking program, Mr. Dennis looks at steam engines, silly putty, light bulbs, peanut butter, and other major inventions that have affected our modern civilization.

Franklin's Bells and a Wimshurst generator creat an electrical display the students and teachers will not soon forget.

Inventors like Franklin, Carver, Edison, Tesla and even an eleven year old inventor are discussed with demonstrations of their inventions. Fifth Grades love this show for their Technology and Inventions Units, but all ages will laugh and learn.


Elementary School, Middle School, Prekindergarten, Preschool


Connecticut CT, Delaware DE, Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Kentucky KY, Massachusetts MA, Michigan MI, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, North Carolina NC, Ohio OH, Pennsylvania PA, Rhode Island RI, South Carolina SC, Tennessee TN, Vermont VT, Virginia VA, West Virginia WV, Wisconsin WI

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