The Quest For Less: Environmental Science :  Real Science: STEM

The Quest For Less: Environmental Science Show is an interactive show that teaches students about their choices in litter prevention, recycling and waste management. 

This lively program keeps the students enthralled and laughing while delivering this important and topical information.

Unlike other “green” assemblies, Mr. Dennis actually includes real science and leaves students and teachers more aware of the real problems facing our planet and the solutions that science provides.
The amazing science demonstrations include: Styrofoam disappears during a discussion about landfills, learn about a new form of super absorbent polymer technology that is changing the way environmental scientists approach oil spills and waste management problems, a demonstration of temperature inversion accompanies a lesson on the oceans.
Recommended Grade Levels: Assembly program: K-8 Workshops: 4-6


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School


Connecticut CT, Delaware DE, Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Kentucky KY, Maryland MD, Massachusetts MA, Michigan MI, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, North Carolina NC, Ohio OH, Pennsylvania PA, South Carolina SC, Tennessee TN, Virginia VA, West Virginia WV, Wisconsin WI

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