?The Life Teachers 4 Life Outreach Assembly is an exciting show featuring former-convicted felons who share their negative life changing experiences with youth of all ages. Life Teachers 4 Life enables formally incarcerated individuals to encourage youth to make positive daily decisions that will prevent them from entering into the criminal justice system. The actors are real, and their stories are real. The Assembly provides three former criminals: drug dealers, gang menbers, and one formally convicted offender with multiple previous convictions. The Assembly is positive, and the message is tailored for "at-risk" Youth between the ages of: 8 to 17.

This exciting Assembly offers an atmosphere of positive energy with the assistance of positive role-models such as positive rap bands, singers, actors, and dancers. The Assembly can be adjusted using one of the three different communication levels to reach the (youth) audience: mild, medium, and strong. This Assembly allows youth to ask the presenters questions, and receive brief advice on how to confront temptation, and peer-pressure.

During the Assembly, the presenters take the audience down the road of drama by emphasizing the self-destructive path of criminality. The presenters may receive literature to review when authorized by the school.

Since this Assembly is one facet of the "Life Teachers For Life Program" community mentorships are available to specific youth when authorized by the Youth's caregivers, parents, and school faculty.

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Elementary School, High School, Middle School


Delaware DE, New Jersey NJ, Pennsylvania PA

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