The show uses the yoyo as an object lesson to help students develop a growth mindset. When trying something new, mistakes are normal. They don't tell us what we can't do - only what we can't do YET. When we refuse to give up easily, and practice with grit, success is closer than we think.

The show encourages students to have a positive perspective about their own ability to learn. Making use of various audio/visual elements, the show will engage the audience on many fronts, creating an entertaining learning experience for all.


FREE Show Option Details - Once students have seen the show, some may want to purchase a yoyo. Schools that agree to offer our yoyos for sale for five days following the show, the show will be FREE. There is no required minimum number of yoyos the school must sell. The yoyos are high quality, work great, and are reasonably priced starting at $5. Sales are conducted through and order form provided.


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School


Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Michigan MI, Ohio OH

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