Literacy Programs and Magic Shows that Promote Reading!

Attack of the Bookworms: A fun program anytime and for any age. The Bookworms are attacking, and the only way to stop them is to read.

The Magic Secret Garden: Have you heard the buzz about what is growing in your library. There is a hive of activity with magical entertainer Inspector Magic as we learn that books give you wings. Entertainment, magic and ant-tics for all ages!

Dragons Dreams and Daring Reads: Join Inspector Magic on a medieval quest. Looking like a baron of yore, Inspector Magic introduces the audience to a Dragon with magical puppetry and ventriloquism. Then it is over a rainbow to rescue Princess Rapunzel.  But something is afoul, as the knave, Baxter Bunny is trying to take over the show. Books and reading wins out, but Baxter Bunny makes an appearance in the end, and even performs an amazing magic trick. One brave knight from the audience will be required to pass a daring deed, and the library’s magic will give us all a happy ending. Children of all ages will learn that books are filled with their dreams that can come to life like magic.

Og the Magical Places to go: This program will take children on a journey around the world in search of Inspector Magic’s vacationing bunny. They will learn that reading is fun while they learn geographical information about our Seven Continents.  A list of these books will be provided before the show to motivate the children to read and do their homework. If they can answer questions asked during the show about the books, they will help with the magic and be a volunteer!


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School, Prekindergarten


Colorado CO

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