Tie one of our fun science assembly programs with your school science fair, Earth week, or upper or lower elementary science lessons. Our entertaining presenters show students the fun and exciting side of the science of oceans, animals, the environment, and more!

Science Update: Midwest School Assembly Presenters is pleased to welcome Getting Excited about Science to our roster. This science show is available for both elementary and middle school audiences. Presentations can be designed to highlight a variety of science topics.

Getting Excited about Science: Hovercrafts, Frozen Balloons, Flying Objects, and Disappearing Ink are just a few of the incredible and fun science demonstrations in this school science assembly for elementary and middle school students..

Oceans in motion: Explore the oceans (while staying dry!) with the Oceans in Motion assembly show written to coincide with elementary grade level science studies of the oceans and environment.

Building on a Dream: A science show that celebrates scientific discovery by demonstrating the cool principles behind bridges, skyscrapers, rocket ships, and an electric bike! Lots of participation encourages hands on learning and discovery in this assembly. 


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School


Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Iowa IA, Kansas KS, Michigan MI, Minnesota MN, Missouri MO, Nebraska NE, North Dakota ND, South Dakota SD, Wisconsin WI

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