Shows That Teach provides quality motivational school assembly programs in southern California. Our most popular school assemblies fit relevant educational needs on such topics as anti-bullying and environmental issues. Our performing artists have many years of experience with curriculum standards-based school assemblies for elementary school students.

School assembly coordinators and event planners can choose with confidence from a variety of artistic stage productions on subjects such as:

  • character education
  • music history
  • reading motivation
  • fine arts
  • environmental conservation
  • red ribbon
  • water science
  • The holidays
  • inventors
  • character and anti-bullying.

Bye Bye Bully: Bye Bye Bully is a 45-minute, K-6 appropriate, performing arts style assembly program. Bye Bye Bully was inspired by the book 'The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander' by Barbara Coloroso. During the show, Mr. Thomas defines bully to the students, demonstrates the different kinds of bullies and bully situations, and shows how we each play a role in these situations. Most importantly, Obediah suggests positive mindsets and actions that a young person might take to deal with a bully situation. Bye Bye Bully isn’t just an entertainment show that has been adapted into an anti-bully assembly by adding a couple of messages about bullying. This original production has been carefully written to convey many simple but important messages in a way that will be understood to instill in students their own insights on how to proactively deal with a bullying situation. Yet, Obediah Thomas does indeed use song, role playing, audience participation, and a few novel surprises to hold students attention and make memorable points.

Bye Bye Bully answers the following questions:

  •  What is a bully?
  • What are some examples of what a bully might say?
  • What are some examples of what a bully might do?
  • What kinds of bullies are there?
  • What kinds of things can you do to keep from being bullied?
  • What can you do if you are bullied?
  • What can you do to help if you see someone else being bullied?
  • How would you describe a good friend?


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School


California CA

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