What is a Hypothesis, Charles Darwin, Evolution, Adaptation, The Food Chain, Habitats and Ecosystems can all be covered in one entertaining and informative hour of animal presentation.

As examples we could include an Asian Water Monitor Lizard to discuss Darwin and Evolution, baby Burmese Pythons can be used to illustrate Adaptation and variation within a species, other animals can include an American Alligator, African Bullfrog, Leopard Tortoise, Green Basilisk, baby Slider Turtles, variuos fish species including a Clown Fish, Mata Mata Turtle and more.

Students will be given worksheets to complete as they progress through the program, so that an indication of how well they're doing in the course material will be maintained for later examination.

Skulls and Skeletons is a non-live animal presentation that compares/contrasts the skeletons, but especially the skulls, of various animals and humans. The adaptations of these skulls, their evolution and the day to day life that takes place within them is discussed. Skulls include: beluga whale, python, bison, jaguar, panda, bird sp., alligator and human.

Animal Classification can be done with live animals or with non-live specimens. The live can include reptiles, amphibians, fish, and many types of inverts. The Non-live will include mammals and birds as well, and we are happy to combine the materials with live animals if you wish.


Elementary School, High School, Middle School


Connecticut CT, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Pennsylvania PA

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