Discover The Magic Of Reading With An Awesome School Assembly Program. Getting children interested in reading books these days can be tough! Between television, the internet and video games, children often times lack the desire to open a good book and spend time reading. The solution you need is simple… Read To Succeed has been my number 1 selling program for almost an entire decade.

The program is designed to gets kids excited about books. Actual children's books are used throughout the program so that students can relate to what is being taught. You'll see an increase in circulation and a genuine love for reading- guaranteed. Here are a few thing that make my programme unique:

  • Amazing magic tricks: I use a variety of magic tricks to capture and keep the attention of young readers. These tricks all have a special part in the program and they are used to teach students about the fun of reading and visiting the library.
  • Age Appropriate Humor: Laughter is a sure fire way to insure success and get your students interested in books. I use a ton of side splitting humor to keep the audience laughing and having a great time. You'll never have to worry about kids being bored during this one-of-a-kind school visit!
  • Join in Fun: Rather than simply having to sit and watch my program, I use children from the audience to come up and help me during the program. Boys and girls both get to help make the magic happen during this explosion of fun, laughter and learning!
  • Illustrations of reading: Your young readers will watch Willie the worm become a beautiful butterfly when he visits the library and checks out books. This will teach children how books help our minds to grow!
  • Funny Storytelling: Students will discover the funniest story in the world about a role of toilet paper and books. Even the teachers will be laughing out loud during this unforgettable story.
  • Life lessons: The kiddos will also learn the importance of taking care of library books and returning them on time.


Elementary School, Kindergarten


Arkansas AR, Oklahoma OK, Texas TX

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