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Get students excited about learning new skills!

Help students think critically!

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The Variety show (All ages) 

The After School Magic variety show is unlike anything you have ever seen. The show includes demonstrations of sleight-of-hand, diabolical mind games, and highly skilled object manipulation all with the aim of inspiring children and adults alike to take an interest in the mystery and variety arts that are demonstrated. Unlike some Magic shows that you may have seen in the past, the After School Magic Variety Show will not only baffle and deceive you, but will also pull back the curtain by teaching an illusion at the end of the program. If you are a human of any age… this program is for you! 


Understanding Magic Seminar and Performance (Teens and Adults) 

The Understanding Magic seminar gives a fascinating introduction and rarely divulged peek behind the curtain to reveal what it really means to be a magician. By breaking down the unique skill sets, psychological ruses, and diabolical thinking that make up the magicians toolbox, the audience will develop an understanding and appreciation for the creative thinking behind both physical and psychological illusions. With their new knowledge, participants will then learn three powerful mental magic principals as well as three basic sleight of hand tricks that can be performed anywhere. By learning to engage an audience and think like a magician the audience will hone their logic, critical thinking, and performance abilities to give them an edge in many areas of their life. 

Workshops (all ages) contact for pricing

Our hands-on instructional services in basic magic and circus arts promote self-confidence and skill development while cultivating creativity and imagination. The programs, custom tailored for each client and age group, give participants a chance to learn fun and exciting skills, which they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.  The skill sets taught are unlike anything someone would be likely to encounter in a traditional school or work environment. From mind reading illusions and sleight of hand techniques, to the ancient arts of the Chinese YoYo and juggling, After School Magic workshops have something for everyone. At After School Magic, we strive to exemplify the peak of excellence and innovation in creative enrichment.

About the owner

After School Magic is owned by Harrison Kramer who is a professional magician, entertainer, engagement expert, educator, and consultant. Harrison Kramer has facilitated over 1000 performances and educational workshops throughout his career in every setting from schools and weddings to refugee camps and pediatric ICUs. He operates in schools all over the country and has served hundreds of organizations including many NGOs both domestically and abroad.



College, Elementary School, High School, Kindergarten, Middle School, Nursery, Prekindergarten, Preschool


Massachusetts MA, New Jersey NJ, New York NY

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