“Crack the Code Game Show” is an intense and challenging head-to-head competition that requires teams of students to utilize STEM principles to crack their code before the other team. Deductive reasoning, logic, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and data analysis are some of the skills needed to solve the code.  Skills that so many careers need and so many students lack. 

Utilizing STEM principles, two code-breaking teams go head-to-head to see who can crack their code the fastest. After each code attempt is entered, the contestants will see how many correct numbers they have and how many are in the correct position. With thousands of possible code combinations, intense music, an enthusiastic audience, and only 10 guesses in 4 minutes to be the one to crack the code, every game is guaranteed to be an exciting brain-bender.

Crack The Code Game Show relies on STEM principles and skills like deductive reasoning, logic, communication, problem solving,critical thinking, creativity, and data analysis. Skills that so many careers need and so many students lack. This assembly program has teams of students working together to complete their code as quickly as possible by using these skills.

Here's how it works
Because winning depends on cracking the 4 or 5 digit code in the fewest possible experiments, sound logical reasoning and good scientific analysis are essential.

In certain respects, the game simulates an experimental research project. However, advanced language skills, prior scientific training, and lab facilities are not required. Briefly, the “code-breakers” attempt to discover a 4 or 5 digit code in as few turns as possible. The code-breaking team takes a guess at the code (i.e., performs an experiment), interprets the feedback provided by the key (i.e., the result of the experiment), and uses this information to design the next experiment. The game therefore provides a simple, practical framework and practice of important scientific skills. It's also incredibly fun to play. Your students will like the competition and fun this show provides and the teachers will love the education value it delivers.

More than 50 players can compete in a 60 minute show while everyone in the audience tries to crack the code as well. The overall winner will be the team that solves their code the fastest.

Bringing this program to your school will help prepare students with skills they will rely on in their future careers. 

This show is recommended for grades 5 - 12.



College, Elementary School, High School, Middle School


Connecticut CT, Delaware DE, Maryland MD, Massachusetts MA, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Pennsylvania PA

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