This popular Dare to Dance School Assembly program is geared towards elementary school level.  Customized to fit your school, Dare to Dance has participated in Red Ribbon Week, Fitness Week, Health Week, Cultural Arts Week, Family Fun Nights, 5th/6th Grade Graduations and Special Events.  There are 3 assemblies to choose from:  Dancing thru the Decades, Multicultural Dancing, and Dance all the #1 Dances to all the #1 Songs! Students will learn dances to increase coordination, fitness and self-esteem.  Kids will look good and feel good on the dancefloor! Christy and Crew motivates everyone to get off the walls and participate!  10 year proven track record! Click on School Assemblies at www.daretodance.org for more information. 


Elementary School, Kindergarten


Arizona AZ, California CA, Florida FL, Nevada NV, Oregon OR, Texas TX, Utah UT, Washington WA

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