Here's a bit about what we do.
Promo Videos:
Promo video:                          https://vimeo.com/84244223
Arts Education Promo:             http://vimeo.com/78447798
Facebook webpage:                https://www.facebook.com/POWERHOUSEARTSEDUCATION

What we do:
POWERHOUSE!!!, a diverse group of “percussive dance” performers, combines brilliantly innovative tap, precision clogging and explosive stomp into an electrifying dance experience. The show is a complete stage experience that includes technically astounding choreography and infuses it with a wild sense of fun and color! The result is an inspiring, entertaining treat that draws all ages and audience types into tapping clapping and feeling the POWER that is POWERHOUSE!!! 
In addition to being placed on the school assembly program rosters by the Segerstrom Center For the Arts “OC ARTS TEACH & Get Arts Smart in 2013-2014, we also appeared on America’s Got Talent.   2013 was our busiest and best year yet.
Education Program Specifics:
Audiences get to see various styles of folk dance and learn where that style originated before finally seeing them all combined in a uniquely American style called “percussive dance.”  Additionally, they are left with a solid understanding of the musicality of this style of dance, specifically of percussion, rhythm, and tempo.
I am attaching a photo, a script, & curriculum review for your reference.  I really appreciate your consideration and I would love to hear from you either way if possible. Thanks for your time.
Brian Bon, Director
Credits include:
·        Over 40 MAJOR State and local fairs across the country including:
·        Alaska State Fair (13 years)
·        Los Angeles County Fair (4 years)
·        Alameda County Fair (2 years)
·        Big Fresno Fair (5 years)
·        Kern County Fair (7 years)
·        Ventura County Fair (8 years)
·        Montana State Fair (4 years) and many, many more!
·        America’s Got Talent           2013   
·        Justified                                  FX Channel
·        Fast Track To Fame               Speed Network
·        Culture Click                          ABC TV
·        And even 5 seasons on the country classic HEE HAW! 


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School, Nursery, Prekindergarten, Preschool


Alaska AK, California CA, Nevada NV, Utah UT

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