Featuring Casey Carle, Comic Bubble-Ologist  

Wash your hands to stay healthy! Good idea...but Why and How does that work??

In his virtual presentation of "BubbleMania: The Wonderful World of Trapped Gas" 30-year veteran educator and bubble-ologist Casey Carle share his insights to the amazing, life-saving properties of soap and water. 

The science of how soap removes dirt and germs is the same science that allows for creating beautiful bubble art, jaw-dropping tricks and eye-popping special effects. See incredible, fog-filled bubble sculptures (up-close and detailed) from Casey’s studio camera plus exciting, jazzy, professional videos from Casey’s hugely popular “BubbleMania!” stage show. 

Lessons learned include: home-made bubble solutions, soap film dynamics, secrets to keep bubbles from popping, and how soap literally pulls viruses off your skin and down the drain.

Plenty of humor helps the lessons stick...while giving kids the power to keep from getting sick!

This virtual-only program is a hybrid of live demonstrations and Q&A combined with pre-recorded routines and short comedy skits featuring two even shorter bubbly hand puppets named Bubba and Larry!

Length: 45-50 minutes

Grades: K-5

(Please note: this program is not a direct replication of the live stage show “BubbleMania!” as presented for decades at schools and venues nationwide. “BubbleMania!” - in all its whacky and wonder-filled splendor - will be available again when protocols allow for safe, indoor public gatherings)


Elementary School, Kindergarten


Connecticut CT

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