A Passion for Birds uses masks to inspire an appreciation and understanding of the avian world. Captivated by Henry Lappen's beautiful masks and comic portrayal of birds, participants learn how animals adapt to their environment, and why they look and act the way they do. Birds' beaks are compared with common tools, Feathers and footprints are explored, Science facts and anecdotes are shared. A Passion for Birds covers several of the core curriculum standards for science.

Throughout it all, Henry dances among the crowd demonstrating the form and motion of the different species. Learning some specific mime skills, and imaging more, the audience joins him, taking on the character of each bird while gaining additional knowledge about it. Participants don the masks, and soar as Eagles, stalk as Herons and swim as Puffins. Additional topics include nest building, preening and hiding from danger.



Connecticut CT, Maine ME, Massachusetts MA, New Hampshire NH, Rhode Island RI, Vermont VT

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