At IQ Science, we use ordinary household items to bring extra-ordinary science experiences to schools in Southeastern Michigan. All of our

programs aim to put the pupil in quest of science. Programmes Available:

That Makes Sense: an intro to the senses. This program uses the analogy of e-mail to explain messages sent by our senses to our brain.

Storm Science: Have you ever been afraid during a storm? Was it the wind, the thunder, the lightening, or the rain that bothered you? This assembly breaks down the parts of a storm to explore where they come from and how they work. 

What’s the Solution: How can we make an egg float? How can we make a rock disappear?  How do we make a little foam boat zoom across the water without the slightest push?  What’s the solution?  Make a Solution! 

A Better Solution: a more advanced solution assembly that includes demonstration of a supersaturated solution and a demo of Brownian motion.

Simple Simple Machines: A more basic approach to machines where we examine the “invisible forces” of gravity and friction and how machines use and overcome these forces.

Plants on the Move: Think plants are boring?  This show sets out to prove how dynamic plants really are!  Students will see how plants move through the environment – as they disperse their seeds, spread their roots, and make sugar which fuels the food chain.

Measure for Measure: When we study matter such as gasses, liquids, and solids, we experience its measurable properties most easily - its mass, height, volume.  Students will sort some simple solids by size using rulers.

Light up my Life: students learn about straight-line travel of light, absorption, refraction, reflection, diffraction, and color as they try a variety of activities.

Sounds Abound: Students will play a game in which they will act out the behavior of sound travelling through a solid in order to examine the effects of density and elasticity on wave propagation and Many More!


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School


Michigan MI

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