Adventure in Space! Follow the incredible adventures of our youthful hero as she travels to a distant planet to help the inhabitants overthrow the wicked ruler and return the beneficent King to his rightful throne.  Along the way, she'll battle monsters, travel through a haunted forest, meet a three-headed wizard, match wits with a mysterious hermit, defeat the villain, and even learn a thing or two about child empowerment and discovering the hero in all of us. Adventure Theater! The King is mad! The planet is doomed! And, the world needs a hero…like you!

Educational Objectives:  

  • An introduction to live theater.
  • An introduction to the art of improvisation.
  • Teaches life skills - Taking creative risks, using teamwork, cooperation, and creative collaboration.
  • Reading - Understanding cause and effect, making inferences, predicting outcomes and drawing conclusions.
  • Writing - Using plot, character, setting, mood and theme to create stories.
  • Language Arts Content Standards - Listening to get information and solve problems, asking and answering relevant questions, effectively using verbal and nonverbal communication.



Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School


California CA

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