Mr. Wiz, the Magician, has over 20 years of experience in captivating his audiences.  Oohs and aahs are sounds often heard from audiences of children and grownups alike as he delights them with his prowess with magic.

School and Library Magic Shows: Mr. Wiz the Magician takes his magic on the road, performing amazing tricks and illusions that delight youngsters at school magic shows. What a better way to liven up the school day than a magic show by Mr. Wiz the Magician. His shows can be geared toward students from day care to learning centers, and from elementary to middle schools. Mr. Wiz’ shows are entertaining, have audience participation and include the production of live animals in the show……. Yes, including a live bunny!  There are several shows offered, each a little different from the other, and can also create a custom theme or show with a message tailed to your students’ needs or unit being taught at a particular time of the year.  For example: I Love to Read - This show is great for schools and libraries alike. Mr. Wiz uses magic to get children excited about the benefits of reading. This show motivates children to pick up a book and read it - not as a chore, but as an adventure.


Elementary School, Middle School


Florida FL

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