These are thrilling, fast-paced, high energy science assemblies that will dazzle the children!

It's a Gas: Children and adults alike will be amazed by the impressive science experiments in this show.  Nitro Joe will use different gases to demonstrate physical and chemical changes.  Balloons will explode, potions will change color, bubbles will flow and creeping fog will cover the floor.  Students will be more excited about science than ever.

Air in Action: This ephemeral and billowing show allows students to understand just how real air really is. Nitro Joe will use air pressure will be used to crush objects and move things around. Bernoulli's Principle will be demonstrated by making toilet paper fly and by creating Tornado Donuts.

Science Mysteries Revealed: The show will help students understand that magic tricks are just unexplained science experiments. Things will appear to disappear right before the children's eyes. Impressive, controlled explosions will dazzle the audience and keep them talking for days.


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School


Arkansas AR, Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Iowa IA, Kentucky KY, Missouri MO, Tennessee TN

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