Let us help you inspire your students to explore, discover, and learn about the natural world through our unique live animal presentations. Your school will come alive and develop a new appreciation for all wildlife. Our exciting presentations are designed to be both entertaining and educational! Professional wildlife educators tailor presentations to your school's needs, taking into consideration factors such as: Audience Type (age, number of students, education, etc.), Special needs of individuals, Area of interest of study, Curriculum, State Standards.

School programme choices: Wildlife, past, present and future - What does it mean when an animal is endangered, threatened, or extinct? Your students will be able to answer these questions and begin to understand the symbiotic relationship between humans and wildlife. Learning how kids can make a difference in wildlife conservation not only empowers the students, but also motivates them to make wiser decisions regarding the environment.

Reality of reptiles - Discover the fascinating world of reptiles, amphibians, and insects. SWI educators will unravel their classifications and some common misconceptions surrounding these misunderstood creatures.

Rainforest Expedition - Students will embark on an exciting expedition to the rainforest without ever leaving their school! Students will explore why the rainforest is important to humans and animals as they meet some special animals that come from this fascinating and fragile environment.

Indigenous - The United States and California particularly are two of the most geographically diverse places on earth. Students will explore our native wildlife and their habitats through a variety of native animal ambassadors.


Elementary School, High School, Kindergarten, Middle School, Nursery, Prekindergarten, Preschool


California CA

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