Imagine learning math from a Superhero... What do you get when all the fun of a Nickelodean TV game show - the crazy games, the wacky stunts and the outrageous antics - collides with elementary math terms and lessons? You get "Superhero Math," the most ambitious assembly show ever to capture your students' interests and ignite their imaginations. Students meet a real-life Superhero who shrinks to 8" tall as they participate in measurement games, divides into ninths as they hear about fractions and then geometrically vanishes into a shape-filled puzzle! Plus after 14 kids participate on stage, everyone takes home top-secret instruction sheets so they can prove to their families that the real math superhero is living under their roof.


Elementary School, Kindergarten


Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Maryland MD, Michigan MI, Ohio OH, Pennsylvania PA, Virginia VA, West Virginia WV

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