Shows That Teach provides quality motivational school assembly programs in southern California. Our most popular school assemblies fit relevant educational needs on such topics as anti-bullying and environmental issues. Our performing artists have many years of experience with curriculum standards-based school assemblies for elementary school students.

School assembly coordinators and event planners can choose with confidence from a variety of artistic stage productions on subjects such as:

• character education
•music history
•reading motivation
•fine arts
•environmental conservation
•red ribbon
•water science
•The holidays
•character and anti-bullying.

200 Years of American Music: Since 1999 this energetic and fun review of America’s cultural musical heritage has been one of the Razzle Bam Boom duo’s most popular elementary school assemblies. Journey in time and across America as Mark and Obediah demonstrate Jazz, Blues, Country, Folk, Hawaiian, Western, Broadway & Patriotic music.


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School


California CA

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