“Liberty Sings”, just one of many presentations from Smiles & Songs. An historical epitaph of a tree that would not die. We, the people of the United States of America molded many of our strategies for independence at special gathering places. Each of the Colonies had one unique anchor site -- a “Liberty Tree”.

We were animated by a love of liberty and independence unknown to the balance of the world. And the “Liberty Trees” served as rallying points where rousing speeches and inspiring songs energized the birth of a nation. Weather and age led to the demise of several, the British toppled others.

At more than 400 years old, the last surviving Liberty Tree (Annapolis, MD) was felled by hurricane Floyd in 1999. Great leaders spoke from this very tree: Samuel Chase, Presidents and countless others. “Liberty Sings” is presented as a narrative from the perspective of the Tree that observed and participated in the dawning of the American Experiment.

The story incorporates excerpts from notable addresses, pranks played on the Tree by students at St. John’s College, period melodies, the valiant struggle of the Tree to survive and the heartwarming resurrection of its branches and trunk that were being transformed into mulch. The presentation and content are customized to be meaningful and grade level appropriate. Rescued in the nick of time, the last surviving Liberty Tree was preserved.

The wood was milled into beautiful planks and composed into a limited edition instrument -- “The Liberty Tree Guitar”-- a truly fitting application that will enable the Tree to sing for years to come. One of the “Liberty Tree” guitars is used to provide music for this stirring and historically accurate program.

Students will learn songs, sing along with the guitar and have the opportunity to touch the flesh of the tree that stood sentinel over the emergence of our nation . . . that inspired our founding fathers. Liberty sings on through this guitar.

Your students will experience the opportunity to do the same.


College, Elementary School, High School, Kindergarten, Middle School, Nursery, Prekindergarten, Preschool


New York NY

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