Petra Puppets specialize in curriculum-based assembly programs.

Topics Include:

  • Who's in Charge - The brain and nervous system.
  • Give Me Some Air: The lungs, breathing, nose, wind pipe.
  • Pump It Up: The heart and blood vessels.
  • Guts At Work: The digestive system.

Ventriloquist Steve Petras ‘Its Alive’ is like a wild science class where the kids participate from the audience and up on stage. Student helpers come up to deliver messages from the brain to the parts of the body, scratch the nose, watch veins and arteries as the heart pumps the blood through them, stretch twenty feet of intestine across the stage and much more. The show features audience participation, illusions, original songs and music. Older version can include a substance abuse message about the damage alcohol and tobacco do to the organs of the body.


Elementary School


Connecticut CT, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Pennsylvania PA

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