Discover the magic of respect with a One-of-a-Kind school assembly. Getting children to treat everyone equally these days can be tough! In a world filled with negative images and thoughts, it can be very difficult for children to be friends to others around them day in and day out. Students can often be picked on because of the color of their skin, the kind of house they live in and more. The solution you need is simple… I am proud to announce an educational assembly program on the ultra hot topic of bullying.

My program, 'Buddies Not Bullies' will motivate and inspire your students from start to finish. During this one-of-a-kind program, I take children on a journey to discover the magic that is inside all of us. I believe that presenting a positive and upbeat message can really help students to understand the importance of treating every person equal. According to 100's of elementary and intermediate campuses, the message works and the students retain the information. Here are a few things that make my programmes unique:

  • Amazing magic tricks: I use a variety of magic tricks to capture and keep the attention of the students in your school. These tricks all have a special part in the program and they are used to teach children about power of friendship, teamwork and respect.
  • Age appropriate Humor: Laughter is a sure fire way to insure success and get your students interested in both the program and the message. I use a ton of side splitting humor to keep the audience laughing and having a great time. You'll never have to worry about kids or teachers being bored during my time at your school!
  • Join in fun: Rather than simply having to sit and watch, I use children from the audience to come up and help me during the program. Boys and girls both get to help make the magic happen during this explosion of fun, learning and respectfulness!
  • Real life examples: Your students will quickly discover how our actions affect those around us. Children will watch in amazement as Willie the worm and Bob the big bully become beautiful butterflies when they get to know each other well. This one skit helps to sit the tone of the program while teaching students about the power of respect.
  • Hilarious Storytelling: I'll have the students and the teachers laughing out loud with my one of a kind story about a roll of toilet paper. You've never heard something so funny with such a great meaning behind it until you listen to this.
  • Teamwork: With the help of 4 lucky students, we will all work together to make something really special happen in front of everyone. The power of teamwork really shines through during this unforgettable routine.


Elementary School, Kindergarten


Arkansas AR, Oklahoma OK, Texas TX

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