Mad Sciecne of Northeast NJ joins

Posted 12/19/2016

Mad Science is the world’s leading science enrichment provider. We pride ourselves on the unique and interactive way of teaching students how to make science fun! Using an extremely hands-on and enthusiastic... > More

Mad Science of Palm Beach, Broward & Martin Counties joins

Posted 12/19/2016

Mad Science Shows and Assemblies are designed to amaze and entertain young audiences of any size in a unique way. Children can conjure foggy dry ice storms, float on a Mad Science hovercraft, watch a foam... > More


Posted 12/11/2016

Infused with the student created films that made TEEN TRUTH a leader in educational content, the TEEN TRUTH: Assembly Experience uses engaging storytelling, real world examples, and... > More

Career Vision joins

Posted 10/24/2016

Motivational talk about getting started in life by being deliberate and making good choices about jobs, school, majors, friends, impression management, volunteer work, experiences, life choices, resumes,... > More

BMX Trickstars joins

Posted 9/11/2016

My name is Rob Nolli, I own and run Florida's first traveling BMX stunt show. I have been involved in the sport for over 30 years. Our rider's are the same talent featured in the X-games and NBC Dew... > More

Kidini Bully Prevention Child Safety Show joins

Posted 8/19/2016

Researched by the University of Delaware Department of Education Kidini Bully Prevention Child Safety Show Assemblies  for: Early Learning Centers -Pre K -Kindergarten and Elementary... > More

Jeffrey Vinokur joins

Posted 8/10/2016

  Combining Science Education + Entertainment.  Jeffrey Vinokur, 26, is a Biochemistry PhD candidate at UCLA, and specializes in demonstrating and explaining science through inspirational... > More

Burns & Company joins

Posted 8/9/2016

Don and Kathy Burns have a variety of educational shows, elementary assemblies,character ed assemblies and pure fun entertainment shows including: the Birthday Party Magician for kids. The elementary... > More

Mary Lincoln presented by Valerie Gugala joins

Posted 7/14/2016

A Visit with Mrs. Lincoln (grade 5 and up) Mary Lincoln comes to life as presented by Valerie Gugala.  She sets the historical record straight as she takes listeners through her life as a young woman... > More

Kate MacHugh joins

Posted 7/14/2016

Kate MacHugh is 27 years old and lives at the Jersey Shore. She is an author and professional speaker on girl bullying. Kate authored three books; Ugly: The Story of a Bullied Girl, TORMENTED  and Barefoot... > More