Charity Device is an organization committed to helping students find their purpose today.

We come into your school and do a FREE assembly.  Why? Because we believe that there is something arising in this generation that requires a better version of an assembly to see their lives change for the better.

We come in and execute our developed program to address the major issues in students’ lives by bringing awareness towards two of the largest global issues in our world: World Hunger and The Water Crisis.


What Happen When We Do An Assembly:

We educate them on global issues creating a value to appreciate what they have.

We share with them the dreams of children and families around the world giving them purpose to help the less fortunate.

Provide an opportunity to develop compassion in the students to the needs of others.

Our program is highly interactive through our creative dream boards, speeches and questionings that engage the heart and minds of students.

The program is based on principles that are timeless and easily integrated that are proven to help students become better family members, contributors to society, learners, etc.

Create an opportunity for students to be the solution which builds a directional change in their life for them to be help and changes their perception on their current issues to giving back giving hope to them.


By the end of the assembly and time together the school will have given hundreds or even thousands of people clean water and food!




College, High School, Middle School


Michigan MI, Ohio OH

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