Extreme Science joins

Posted 9/13/2022

For 25 years the Science Wizard's Extreme Science has been the leading science assembly adored by educational professionals across the country. Extreme Science is a large production with two performers,... > More

Next Gen Assemblies joins

Posted 8/23/2022

Next Gen Assemblies provides and powerful and engaging k-12 assembly that your entire school district will love. Our assembly uses music as a tool to engage with students of all ages and tackles areas such... > More

Siren - Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc. joins

Posted 8/23/2022

Siren Protectors of the Rainforest presents “Anna is Anta - La Reina Remains the Queen”, a true story of a Jolof princess sold from the spoils of war who marries the man that buys her and leaves a... > More

Treehouse Toons joins

Posted 7/20/2022

"An exciting, theatrical, and educational animal-themed SEL program that elementary school kids just love!"  Ranger and Blueberry deliver animal-themed adventure stories to children in an engaging and... > More

Game Show Gurus, Inc joins

Posted 7/7/2022

Versus Game Show is an awesome game show for kids. It's the left side versus the right side in fast moving trivia and physical challenges. Nothing lasts more than two minutes. Everything is set to kid friendly... > More

Folklore Music joins

Posted 4/27/2022

A fun and interactive experience. > More