Skateboard Storage Corp joins

Posted 3/9/2024

SK8 4 Life is a 45-minute, action-packed assembly about being enthusiastic, engaged and empowered to be able to do or be whatever you want.  SK8 4 Life shows students through an interactive and exciting... > More

Diana Rockwell, Ventriloquist joins

Posted 2/28/2024

Academic Entertainment best suited to your needs! Award Winning Ventriloquist Diana has been performing for nearly two decades and provides a multitude of themes to work with. She has traveled in various parts... > More

Outreach for the Relationship Foundation joins

Posted 2/2/2024

An transformative assembly about Nonviolent Communication: Empathic listening practices Understanding and preventing bullying Examining self-awareness and self-care Identifying and avoiding unhealthy... > More

No Holden Back, LLC joins

Posted 1/8/2024

“An Unforgettable Action Sports Assembly with Powerful Anti-Bullying & Motivational Youth Messages” * ANTI-BULLYING * MOTIVATION * CHARACTER * RESPECT NO HOLDEN BACK, LLC PRESENTS... > More

Bwah Productions joins

Posted 1/5/2024

A STEM infused magic show to inspire the engineer in everyone! Engineering Wonder was created to inspire young people to explore their curiosity in STEM and be creative with it. Created by Peter Boie a... > More

history hunter inc joins

Posted 1/5/2024

The legend of Kokopelli, an incredible Native American tale, was passed down to Rich by his elders during his youth. Now, Rich shares this enchanting legend with children across the United States, Europe, and... > More

The Paper Airplane Guy joins

Posted 12/11/2023

World famous 45 minute STEM enrichment program, for classrooms or assemblies, live or virtual, that demonstrates aerodynamics using paper airplanes.  The circle back, loop, flip over and fly back upside down,... > More

WorkFlora joins

Posted 11/20/2023

Unlock the full potential of your school's musical experience with our customized programming centered around various themes. Tailoring musical content to specific themes not only captivates the audience... > More