WorkFlora joins

Posted 11/20/2023

Unlock the full potential of your school's musical experience with our customized programming centered around various themes. Tailoring musical content to specific themes not only captivates the audience... > More

SkyCanvas Productions LLC joins

Posted 11/20/2023

“Drone Discovery" is an exciting educational show designed to introduce school children to the fascinating world of drones. This interactive program combines entertainment with learning, aiming... > More

Tips4Inclusion joins

Posted 10/30/2023

I am a young adult with autism who is a speaker, author, self-advocate and educator on disability inclusion. I believe that all students need to be taught social skills on how to communicate, interact and... > More

Duniya Dance and Drum joins

Posted 10/9/2023

Through high-energy, engaging, rhythmic drumming and traditional dances from West Africa, these programs provide an immersive cultural experience that educates youth about world traditions and promotes... > More

Four of a Kind Entertainment LLC joins

Posted 10/9/2023

  Transform Your School Events with Four of a Kind Entertainment LLC!  Attention, educators and school administrators! Are you searching for an exciting and engaging way to elevate your... > More

Royale Management Group, LLC joins

Posted 9/19/2023

An exciting and engaging Music Show with the amazing talent of Hip-Hop artist Joe Dreamz.  Joe is a college-educated music artist with a passion for changing lives, and encouring people to LIVE JOE DREAMZ... > More

Traveling Dinos Museum joins

Posted 9/11/2023

The Wonder, The Science, The Books and The Pure Magic of Dinosaurs Come Together to Create one of The Most Unique Experiences You Can Give Your Kiddos, Families and Community. Traveling Dinos is a Complete... > More

3 Ring Creations LLC joins

Posted 9/7/2023

Two Performers, One Show! Popcorn! is a family friendly, feel-good performance that showcases a ton of nostalgic toys, buttery smooth skills, and an explosive amount of popcorn.  Perfect for : A Fun... > More

Mad Science of Greater Salt Lake joins

Posted 8/29/2023

Mad Science of Greater Salt Lake has been dedicated to bringing quality events and workshops to schools, libraries, after-school programs, and other organizations in Utah for 15 years and... > More

Furry Scaly Friends joins

Posted 8/29/2023

Furry Scaly Friends educates and entertains. We come to your home, party space or facility. We can accommodate any group size and serve all of Connecticut! Let us share our animal love! Our hands-on approach... > More