Reactin Dance Company joins

Posted 7/19/2020

Assembly Description This interactive cultural assembly exposes students to the impact of globalization and the power of embracing cultural diversity through dance and entertainment. Tracing our way through... > More

Magic Village Shows joins

Posted 6/29/2020

Kelvin Saline’s “The Bully” presentation utilizes magic and ventriloquism as “visual aids” to help illustrate proven bully management strategies. Your students will discover how... > More

Razzle Bam Boom joins

Posted 6/24/2020

You may be thinking that creative arts assemblies are impossible for the next school year and the least of your concerns. Indeed, they are possible and perhaps more important than ever. Why not have a virtual... > More

Half-Pint Heroes joins

Posted 6/16/2020

Half-Pint Heroes tiny little therapy horses are a huge hit in and around the Kansas City Area. We visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes and anywhere we are needed. As a retired teacher I have begun visiting... > More

Chain Reaction by the Frankel Sisters joins

Posted 4/1/2020

We are Lianne and Jaymee Frankel, NYC teachers, sisters, and founders of Chain Reaction. Our show combines live music, interactive team-building experiences, and educational videos to emphasize themes such... > More

Joe Gandelman, Comic Ventriloquist joins

Posted 1/26/2020

Ventriloquist Joe Gandelman does a show with a BIG CAST of characters, lots of interaction and lots of laughs. He does assemblies on anti-bullying, Red Ribbon Week, the Joy & Importance of Reading,... > More

Empower Kids, LLC joins

Posted 1/26/2020

Our "Healing Hearts" assembly/book tour program encourages children to lead with their hearts.  In order to heal, they have to feel what another feels.  We talk about how when we are unkind to another, we... > More

Puppets & prestidigitation joins

Posted 1/26/2020

A fun and nteractive program that teaches students the importance of music. There are games, magic,puppets and the students even get a chance to try instruments. There's also a magic guitar that can be made to... > More

Northern School of Contemporary Dance joins

Posted 12/17/2019

Introduction to UK Conservatoire training (16 years +) Experience UK conservatoire dance training this fall. Our workshops are designed for aspiring dance artists and performers interested in undergraduate... > More

Let a Kid Help joins

Posted 12/17/2019

“Scrizzie for Kids” is a branch of ‘Let a Kid Help’, and is the primary community outreach tool developed to reach to the children globally. Scrizzie educational musical songs and events directly impact... > More