Hey Ho Haddy is hosted by Field Station: Dinosaurs’ Expedition Commander Guy Gsell and features our singing, strumming Dinosaur Troubadour. The show uses the story of Haddy to teach important lessons in science aligned with the state’s Core Curriculum and the Department of Education’s STEM guidelines. Every student is a scientist as our story begins 65 million years ago in a strange and mysterious Paleolithic world. Our Expedition Commander leads the DinoTour as we discover what the dinosaurs ate, where they lived, how they flourished for millions of years and finally, how they disappeared. Then we’ll fast forward to New Jersey in 1858 and we’ll meet the “bone hunters” who discovered Haddy and made her a star! The show includes real dinosaur fossils guaranteed to spark the imaginations of young paleontologists' and a dinosaur feeding time featuring an upclose look at a wonderfully realistic baby hadrosaurus puppet. Then your students become the judges at the world’s first-ever Dinosaur Skull Beauty Pageant. Finally, Hey Ho Haddy ends with a hilarious Dinosaur Dance Party where science meets American Bandstand!


Elementary School, Kindergarten


New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Pennsylvania PA

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