Hi, I'm Jared the Juggler! Juggling E&E is a project I am starting to spread the benefits of juggling to our youth! I showcase physical feats including 8 ball juggling, balancing, juggling dangerous props, and more! The juggling doesn't stop after the show! I also offer juggling lessons, for your Physcial Education class! This is where I teach more than just how to juggle, such as important life lessons like never giving up because of a challenge. I also show how juggling can be a physical exercise, for I am a three time gold medalist in World Joggling Championships. Joggling, as the name implies, is running and juggling at the same time! Juggling is for all ages to learn! It helps develop important spacial awareness and hand-eye coordination, great for young and old minds alike! If you're looking for someone to spread joy, laughter, and learning to your school, I'm the juggler for you!


Elementary School, High School, Kindergarten, Middle School


Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Iowa IA, Minnesota MN, Wisconsin WI

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