Curriculum Integration:  Music, Math, Science and Technology. This interactive program has been voted a perennial favorite by students at the annual regional Science and Math Jamboree.  The presentation looks at modern music technology, exploring the math and science of sound, and the underlying computer principles.

Students get to have their voice digitally captured and manipulated, and they can see visually what the sound looks like. This presentation is done in class-sized groups over the course of one or more days, and can be  used as a prelude to an evening lunch concert, where some of the music technology demonstrated is then used in performance.  This completely unique program has been presented to  more than 10,000  Connecticut  students.

Math, Magic and Miracle - A Look at Probability:  This presentation highlights concepts of probability by relating them to commonplace everyday decisions, and to scientific method.  Designed for class-sized groups, the props and hands-on activities give memorable counter-intuitive examples of probability at work.  This presentation serves and an excellent bridge between math and science curricula.

Communication through Math and Music: A look at math as a language and a means of communication.  How numbers, words, and music are all different forms of communicating universal concepts and information.

The Scientific Method:  Bill gives a memorable presentation, using counter-intuitive props and examples, of the scientific method, and what it takes to do a good experiment and present the results in a professional way.


College, Elementary School, High School, Middle School


Connecticut CT

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