Mad Science Shows and Assemblies are designed to amaze and entertain young audiences of any size in a unique way. Children can conjure foggy dry ice storms, float on a Mad Science hovercraft, watch a foam factory at work, alter sound waves, and so much more! Mad Science Events are ideal for school assemblies, corporate events and community centers, and can be customized to suit any group size, budget or time frame. From scouting banquets to libraries and corporate picnics, Mad Science is a unique way to entertain an audience!

Fire and Ice – This show is so cool it’s hot! Kids will be amazed with dazzling demonstrations using fire, dry ice bubbling potions, and carbon dioxide gas frozen to 109°F below zero. Kids will help Eggbert get home, some may even come up and taste our world famous burps!  Kids will learn properties of fire, chemical reactions, different stages of matter and more!  Come and see just how HOT & COOL science can be!

Up, Up and Away! – This spellbinding special event introduces children to the principles of air and pressure. Hot air balloons, vortex generators that will send flying smoke rings over their heads, floating balls, giant wind bags and even a hovercraft will help children understand the power of air all around us.

Spin, Pop Boom – The audience will be amazed when the Mad Scientist is able to defy gravity in this energetic and spectacular special event. Didgeridoo tubes, foaming hands and steaming chemical reactions will introduce children to a world of exciting chemistry. A great show guaranteed to get plenty of awesome “reactions!”          

Marvels of Motion – This interactive event is all about the fundamentals of moving science including Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion and surprises including egg-tossing and space age rocket packs. Discover the science behind some of your favorite Olympic sports and find out why this show is such a “blast!”


Elementary School, Kindergarten


Pennsylvania PA

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