'Think Green' A Healthy Planet Show: Saving the planet one student at a time. The presenter, along with special guest star Ted Ant, teach students important lessons about the four R's of thinking green - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, and Restore. Each section is designed to equally inspire, educate, and entertain upper and lower elementary grade levels. (A special version of this program is even available for Early Education - Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten classes.)

Reduce: Students are brought up from the audience to actively participate in demonstrations on what they can do to reduce their electricity use. 

Reuse: Examples of how to creatively reuse items that you would normally throw away - like turning a pop bottle into a bird feeder or a bottle into a vase, will inspire and motivate students of all grade levels.

Recycle: Students learn that recycling is easy and fun when you get in the right habits. Ted Ant also shows students why recycling is important and the positive effects recycling can have.

Restore: This section addresses how trees and plant life help keep our air and water clean, and shows how planting trees can help restore our planet.

The discussion of the ecosystem and importance of clean water, earth, and air ties this program nicely in with elementary science curriculum.  Most importantly, Think Green: A Healthy Planet Show is not a lecture. It is an engaging, funny, interactive, and thought provoking program that delivers the message in both and entertaining and visual way. Students not only watch, laugh, and learn along with the presenters, but they are also given opportunities to contribute their own green ideas during the course of the assembly.


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Prekindergarten


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