Anti-Bullying School Assembly Program - This program is in very high demand!  The message of this show is contained in the word STAR:

S - stop bullying in and out of school
T – tell someone you trust
A – ask for help, and attitude
R – respect – yourself and others – give and get.

Using magic, audience participation, storytelling and comedy, these points are brought to life and taught to students in a fun, entertaining way! 6 Specific Messages/Strategies Your Students Will Walk Away With After Experiencing Buddies not Bullies:

What is bullying and cyber bullying?
excluding others hurts people’s feelings and is actually bullying!

If someone is getting made fun of, there is something you can do to help out! Don’t join in, help out instead. You must tell someone you trust. Tell a friend, tell a parent, tell a teacher. It’s ok to ask for help! You are not alone; you are allowed to ask for help! You may feel more comfortable bringing someone with you. Having the right attitude will determine if a bully bothers you or not!

Everyone may look different on the outside. We may sound different and act different. But on the inside we’re all the same, we’re all special! By the end of the program, all the students and staff will have had so much fun learning, that they’ll be sad to see it come to an end. Students will be involved with fun, amazing demonstrations of how to deal with bullying. Best of all, it works!


Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School


Connecticut CT, Maine ME, Massachusetts MA, New Hampshire NH, Rhode Island RI, Vermont VT

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