Inspiration, Motivation, Attitude, Values, Respect, Anti-Bully, Physical Fitness NOT just for sports, 8 Pillars of Character

We are the authors of the BESTSELLING ‘Top Secrets of Success…4 Kids’---
The book comes Alive with our in-person Presentations in Schools that Motivate and truly Inspire young people to be their Best.

As a strength athlete, the audience ‘experiences’ my struggles and challenges and in so doing are ‘empowered’ to work through their own (struggles and challenges) in a positive way.

Audiences get very excited during a Power Workshop presentation in 3 ways:

1- Finely crafted storytelling that re-enforces the message…

2- Dynamic Feats of Strength that force US to put it all on the line so that we connect with YOU on a whole other level…

3- Interaction with the audience that makes the message very REAL…

Over 1,000 presentations since 1992, Giving Hope & Encouragement to Young People & their Families to Make Great Decisions so they can keep moving their Lives in a Positive Direction!


College, Elementary School, High School, Middle School


Connecticut CT, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Pennsylvania PA

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