What could be more entertaining to kids than animals? Maybe Disney World! But only just maybe! How about a show staring a few of the largest most awe inspiring creatures they'll ever see with no glass between them!

The Great Reptiles! This assembly bring the biggest reptiles in any show within 100 miles, truly our WOW show. It also, in NJ, brings our herpetologist, and founder Bill Boesenberg himself to your event.

The “WOW” can come from watching a 100 pound America Alligator, “Blue,” sit in Bill’s lap, like a great black puppy; or from a 6 ft Water Monitor Lizard, “Elizardbeth,” hangout and sniff the air with her foot long tongue, while everyone laughs at the story of how she came to us; or you might be “Wowed” by getting to touch the gentle beautiful giant, “Hernia,” a 100 pound Burmese Python. But we guarantee you've never seen a school Assembly like this anywhere before.

Snakes-N-Scales Saves the Whales and “goes off the deep end” to offer a program that has no live animals in it! No real whales, of course, but a great interesting combination of real and artificial hand specimens, illustrative posters and photos, and a few short video clips. These Whales Assemblies offer much more than just a few pictures or a sleepy slide show!

The Kaleidoscope of Animals School Assembly is a peek at the diversity of life on Earth, what used to be called “a survey of life,”  but it’s more than just learning a little classification. The kaleidoscope has many facets, colors and interlocking parts and we saw it as great analogy to nature. A wonderful way to visualize how interdependent and beautiful the natural world is. 

There is much more. Just let me know what you'd like!


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