Join Us! in our Passion for the odd and unloved animals of the world. Over the course of 3 decades of school assemblies we have seen the wonderful results of giving kids access to animals in a real and meaningful way. Sharing our love, curiosity and wonder of these creatures with school children is our life’s work, side by side with rescuing the animals themselves.

Here you will find:

Reptiles! Including:

          - Large Pythons, Tortoises, Alligators, Monitors, over 300 more!

Other Live Animals Including

          -Fish, Frogs, Spiders, Insects and others

Program Topics Including:

          -General Animal Assembly- Great fun shows with animals, emphasizing caring and respect for the Earth and the creatures that share it with us. Reptiles, Fish, Bugs and Spiders etc (Zoology-Biology)

          - Whales and Sharks- This non-live animal presentation makes use of specimens and props, some hands on. (Zoology-Biology-Marine Science)

          -Endangered Species- Live reptiles paired with non-live Rhino, Jaguar, Panda, Shark props, looking at the state of these animals and what is being done. (Zoology-Biology-Marine Science)

          -Anti-Bullying- We use live animals to teach respect and consideration of others incorporating NJ state guidelines. (Inter-personal skills)

          -Habitat Comparisons- An amazing look a the diversity of life from 2 different habitats, Tropical Rainforest, Savanna, Llanos, Coral Reef, NJ & Surrounding states, Desert, Swamp (Zoology-Biology-Geography)

          -Mythology- A look at the Dragon’s influence on cultures on our way of thinking, using live reptiles. (History-Zoology-Psychology)

          -Dinosaurs – We use live animals, fossils and props to examine the life that was. (Paleontology-Biology)

Bringing animals into a school setting is something that should only be done by people who really understand their animals and their responsibility. We believe strongly in the usefulness of animal programs in schools to boost enthusiasm for learning, to increase relevancy of curriculum material and to bring an important part of our world home to children that may no longer have a great many options of seeing these animals otherwise.


College, Elementary School, High School, Kindergarten, Middle School, Nursery, Prekindergarten, Preschool


Connecticut CT, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Pennsylvania PA

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