Speaking of Ladies - 19th Century Women of America

Historical presentations by Miss Ellie, programs are customized to age & size of group and are aroubd 45-60 minutes in length.

  • For Weal or Woe: Women's Influences on the War Between the States. This interactive, 45-60 minute program introduces you to many of the incredible acts women performed in the name of support, survival, and sanity during the American Civil War. You will meet nurses, smugglers, soldiers, spies, as well as lots of unusual ladies who gave their all to the war effort.
  • What's Up With That Dress: Women's clothing of the 19th century. This 30-45 minute program delves into the details of how women dressed in the mid-19th century. What made those skirts stick out and why. We will discuss the effects of the blockade and how enterprising women adjusted to the great shortages brought on by the War Between the States.


  • Victorian Trade Cards : Not long after the Civil War, with the onset of the Industrial Revolution, commercial enterprises began competing for the attention of consumers. See actual trade cards from the 1800's and learn how women were so influential in the world of advertising. You will see intriguing puzzle cards, elaborate three-dimensional cards, and temperature sensitive cards that will have images appear by holding the card to heat- 30-45 minutes.

Corsets to Congress: Women's Reform 1860-1890. We will take a look at the interesting events and firsts for women of the mid-late 19th century, including dress reform, education, artistic contributions and how things erupted to establish the foundation for women's activists of the early 20th century. Suitable for audiences of high school age and up.

  • The Wound Has Never Healed: This PowerPoint program brings to life the hardships the women of Arkansas faced during the War Between the States - A 45-minute presentation that is suitable for all students. Female Confederate Spies: You will meet many of the truly devoted women of the Confederate States of America who gave their most honored attention to the Cause. For audiences ages 10 and up.


  • Female Soldiers, Mighty Fighters: Meet the women who donned mens attire and fought alongside the regular troops -  approximately 45 minutes - for audiences ages 10 and up.


  • Why Are You Here: This program discusses the various roles women can play in the hobby of Civil War reenacting. Subject matter of this program is best suited for reenactments or for an audience interested in female re-enacting, approximately 45 minutes. For audiences ages 10 and up.


  • Reenacting on a Budget:  How can you afford this hobby we call re-enacting. In this program, you will learn some shortcuts and economic tips and tricks to help you on your way to enjoying this great family activity, approximately 45 minutes.  For audiences ages 14 and up.


College, Elementary School, High School, Middle School


Alabama AL, Louisiana LA, Mississippi MS, Texas TX

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